Kid Curated Book boxes are a huge hit at our home! I ordered book boxes for both of my daughters. They are 5 and 8 years old and love to read. We filled out the questions on the website about which books interested them and chose books they had read in the past to give an idea of what books they would prefer. It was that simple!! Both of our girls received awesome books that were both interesting and new titles to our home. These boxes offer a variety of genres that my daughters were happy to try. They also loved the fact that the recommendations were coming from someone besides mom.

I contacted customer service several times with questions during the process of ordering and was so pleased with the quick response. It is easy to tell this company is run by someone with a passion for reading and desire to help the customers get the most out of the book boxes.

I have recommended this to several friends and believe this is great tool to grow and expand a child's interest in reading. - Brittany

My boys are home today in honor of Martin Luther King Jr and we're spending the morning reading this fabulous selection of books from @kidcuratedbooks.  Ben wants to be like his big brother so he's pretending to read us one of the chapter books.  It's moments like these that make all the difficult times so worthwhile.  - Kate

We received our first monthly box and our girls LOVED it! We have enjoyed reading them together and I love having someone else pick the books out for me. A great subscription service for busy mamas! - Jenn

We received the Christmas box today as a gift and it was amazing! The kids can't wait to read all the books! We will definitely be signing up for a subscription!  - Renee

My grandson enjoys the pictures and stories. Having the books come to the home also reminds him of me!! He enjoys being read to and the variety of the titles and storylines are interesting! - Ken

Avie loved the box, when she opened it, she squealed “books”!  (She’s only 22 months but loves books!). We read all the books that day and she continues to ask to have them read to her!  - Marcie


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