The Worst-Case Scenario: Everest - 8 stars
The Worst-Case Scenario: Everest by Bill Doyle and David Borgenicht.  This is an awesome choose your own adventure book that also provides tons of information about climbing Everest.  The back of the book contains an expedition file detailing the airport you would fly into, the trek to base camp and the people, culture and food of Nepal.  It also provides helpful tips on how to fend of frostbite, how to survive an ice avalanche, and how to avoid altitude sickness.  After reading the expedition file, you begin your journey to become the youngest group (along with Julia and Garrett) to reach Everest's summit by making the right choices along the way.  My kids were obsessed with this book and I enjoyed it as well.

Age group: 7-12.

Sabine: "I liked Julia because she's really smart, but also she sometimes gets sick.  You gotta choose if you want to tell Doc that Julia is sick or not tell Doc.  I would give it a 7 out of 10."

Lourdes: "I would also give it a 7 because it wasn't the best book, but it was pretty good.  Sometimes you die, but you don't have to start all over again.  You can go back to the part where you made the wrong choice and choose again.  Where I died is sort of near the end.  He went to sleep and you weren't supposed to go to sleep."

Finnegan:  "I rate this book a 10 because no one likes choose your own adventures more than me.  One reason I liked this is because it's really hard and how are you supposed to think the apple pie is poisonous!  That's where I died.  I also like it because they actually treated it like a missions, they gave you information about Everest and they also described the characters for you.  But they say Garrett is going to make a really big mistake, and all he does is crack jokes which I like.  So I don't get that part.  I think people ages 7 and up would like this book because below 7 you might not read the back and that could mean your 'doom' in the story."

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