The Stars Beneath Our Feet Discussion Questions

Finn shares his thoughts on our July middle grade book of the month, The Stars Beneath our Feet by David Barclay Moore.  

Why does Lolly resist telling Mr. Ali what happened between him and Jermaine? How does he feel about it?

I think he resists telling Mr. Ali what happened because he thought it was his fault that Jermaine was shot.  Lolly thought he should have joined Jermaine's gang and been there to protect him.  So Lolly feels guilty.

How does the dynamic between Lolly and Big Rose change throughout the story? What would you say they have in common?

Before Lolly made the tallest building challenge to try to get Big Rose out of the storage room, Lolly felt like Big Rose was an intruder.  But after the challenge and their outing to see the famous buildings downtown, he felt they had some things in common.  They both liked to build legos and appreciated architecture.  They both also felt different from the other kids in after school.  

Why does Vega disappear from Lolly’s life after the incident with Harp and Gully?

Vega disappears because Frito is really pressuring him to join his gang.  Vega is torn between playing the violin and staying out of trouble and his desire for revenge against Harp and Gully.  

What does the removal of Jermaine’s bed from Lolly’s room mean? Why did Lolly decide to be called by his first name, Wallace, at the end of the book?

Removing Jermaine's bed from Wallace's room is showing that Wallace is no longer dwelling in the past.  He vowed to remember only the good things about Jermaine going forward.  Wallace doesn't feel guilty anymore.  He decided to be called Wallace because he feels more grown up and wants to become his own person.  

We enjoyed The Stars Beneath our Feet and are looking forward to discussing our August selection, The Lifters by Dave Eggers, on September 12.  

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