The Secret of the Old Clock - 9.3 stars
The Secret of the Old Clock by Carolyn Keene.  This is the first book in the Nancy Drew mystery series.  We are introduced to Nancy Drew, an 18 year old sleuth.  By happenstance she is put on the trail of locating the lost second will of Josiah Crowley.  The first will leaves all of his estate to the greedy Topham family to the detriment of all of his less well off friends and relatives.  Nancy puts herself in harms way multiple times before finally solving the mystery to the detriment of the Tophams.  It was a fun family read.
Recommended Age: 7 and up  
Lourdes - 10 stars.  I like mysteries.  I also like that Nancy is always like - hey why don't I do this instead of doing a wrong choice and not getting the old clock.  She never gives up.  She's always up for anything.  She won't let anyone stand in her path because she is friends with the people who don't have as much money as her.  She wants them to have money.  So she gets the will.  And because Nancy never gave up on what she wanted to accomplish for her friends and other people.  Except not the Topham family because the Topham family was mean.  Like the Topham girls were all "oh no, now I have to get a job."    
Sabine - I give Nancy Drew 10 stars because I liked how she saves some people because they didn't have a lot of money.  And I also liked how she never gave up.  One of the funny parts was when she always wanted to go somewhere and see what the thieves were doing.  Also I liked how she found the will.  
Finn - I give this book 8 stars.  I didn't hear the whole story (because I was at hockey).  But I didn't like how Nancy was like - "Oh the Tophams are going to have to sell their home.  Yay, I made them do this!"  And she also asks her dad to listen to the reading of the will and see the Tophams cry.  It was funny when Nancy doesn't tell the police officers that she stole this clock and then one of the officers asked if he could drive to the police station with her and she's like "oh no, he's going to see the clock.  So she tells the truth but leaves parts out about stealing it."  I think kids would like this book because it has lots of different choices she has to make.  It would also be good as a choose your own adventure book.  I like those.    
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