The Mysterious Benedict Society - 10 stars

The Mysterious Benedict Society is comprised of four abandoned children: Constance Contraire, Reynie Muldoon, Sticky Washington and Kate Wetherall.  These children are brought together after successfully completing Mr. Benedict's series of intelligence tests.  The "reward" is to be sent on an undercover mission to Nomansan Island to bring down Mr. Curtain and his brain washing machine known as the Whisperer.  Although this mission is fraught with peril, these four geniuses are more than up to the task.  Highly recommend.

Recommended age: 7 and up

Sabine - I give this book a 10 because I liked how at the end all of the Mysterious Benedict Society members found family.  I also liked how the kids supported each other.  

Lourdes - I give this 10 stars because I really like how it is told from not just one person's point of view.  It tells about everyone's point of view and how they are feeling.  I also like at the end how we find out Constance is only 2 years and 11 months old!  That's impressive because she can talk, walk, was living on her own and knows a bit of Morse Code.    

Finnegan - 10 stars.  I thought it was really funny and interesting.  One really funny part was when the kids were passing around the licorice that was on the bottom of Kate's shoe.  The licorice was the evidence of who was the spy.  And Constance had to eat it to hide the evidence from Jackson even though it had been on the bottom of Kate's shoe and on the floor and in the ocean.  Kids will also like how the book makes you think about what will happen next and make predictions.  Most of those predictions will be wrong....  

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