The Magic Misfits - 10 stars
The Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick Harris.  "If you know where to look, real magic is all around you too."  This is a cute story about Carter, an orphan with quick hands for card tricks, who escapes the clutches of his ruthless uncle and hops a train to Mineral Wells.   Once there, he befriends a few other magically inclined kids and together they help bring down B.B. Bosso, the owner of a traveling circus which is really a front for Bosso's group of thieves.  It is a nice story about friendship that is enhanced by the magic tricks and riddles that are interspersed amongst the chapters.  Perfect for the first through fifth grade crowd.  And if your children enjoy the book as much as my son Finn did, they are in luck as the end promises more books will follow. 

Finn - I give this book 10 stars because it showed you how to do magic tricks and it had a lot of funny parts.  One of the funny parts that I liked was when the Pock Pickets were put in handcuffs by Carter and they were mourning through a song: "we're supposed to guard Bosso's treasure and now we'll be the source of his displeasure.  Let us gooooooo!"  Carter sings back: "how about noooooo?"  My favorite magic trick they showed was how to read minds by doing math.  The trick on how to guess the color of the crayon was also pretty good.  Kids would like this book because it is cool how the Magic Misfits find out how Bosso does his "magic tricks" and stop him.
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