The Invisible Boy - 8 stars

The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig tells the story of Brian who is ignored by the other children in school to the point that he feels invisible.  Brian is quiet and shy, but an excellent artist.  Still, the other children don't pick him for games at recess or invite him to birthday parties.  Then a new boy named Justin joins the class.  At first Justin gets picked on for bringing traditional Korean food for lunch, but Brian writes him a note telling him his bulgogi looks good.  Later, even though Justin makes friends with some of the other boys in class, he still includes Brian at lunch and recess.  Soon Brian isn't invisible anymore.  This is a great book to teach children to be more inclusive.  There are discussion questions at the end to help drive home the message. 

Recommended Age: 5-9

Sabine - I give this book 8 stars because I like how Brian never gets mad when he doesn't get picked for recess games.  The book teaches you to never give up on finding a friend.  

Lourdes - I give this book 8 stars because I really like how Brian uses his imagination to draw pictures.  I like how he is so nice to people and is never mean.  I like how he welcomed Justin into his class by smiling at him.  

 We will definitely be featuring The Invisible Boy in some of our book boxes!  

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