The Gold Egg - 9 Stars

The Gold Egg by Ule B Wise is a story of perseverance told in a very Seussical fashion.  In the valley of Nopp, kids play beneath a big tree.  One day while they are taking a break and enjoying the shade an old man appears and lets them in on a secret.  There is a gold egg in the nest at the very top of the enormous tree.  Three of the children dismiss it as a tall tale and, anyway, the tree is impossible to climb.  Little Devan though is determined to find out what is in the nest.  Even though it is a long climb full of bumps and bruises, Devan reaches the top learning a very important lesson along the way.  

Lourdes - 9 stars.  I like how Devan was willing to climb the tree and not ignore it as a fairy tale.  I also really like the pictures.  They are cool and tell the story.  At the end you can see all the golden eggs at the tops of all the tall trees.  You just had to work hard and climb to get them.  

Sabine - I give this book 9 stars because I like how Devan perseveres and how he doesn't listen to his friends.  I didn't like his friends because they were mean and said he couldn't climb the tree.  But I did like how the book teaches you a lesson - you never should give up on your dreams.  

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