Shark Lady - 9.6 stars

Shark Lady: The True Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean's Most Fearless Scientist by Jess Keating.  Little Eugenie became fascinated with sharks on her very first visit to the aquarium.  She was determined to became a zoologist and study these amazing creatures.  In the 1940s, many people didn't think women were smart enough to become scientists or brave enough to dive with sharks.  Eugenie proved them wrong.  She became an expert in her field, discovered new species of fish, and debunked several long held myths about sharks.  It is a great story encouraging kids to follow their dreams as well as encouraging an interest in science. 

Recommended age: 4-8 years 

Lourdes - I'm giving this book 9.9 stars because I really, really, really like how Eugenie is able to teach the sharks to get food.  First, the sharks press the button.  Then they swim over to Eugenie and get the food.  Eugenie wanted to show that sharks could learn.  And I really liked how Eugenie went diving with her friends on her 92nd birthday.    

Sabine - 9.9 stars.  I want other kids to read this book because they can learn more about sharks.  I learned that sharks don't always have to swim in order to stay alive.  They can rest in a cave.  

Finn - 9 stars.  I like how Eugenie keeps diving even when she's very, very old.  But the reason I took one point off was because I think it should have gone into depth about why people were so afraid of sharks.  Not all people nowadays think sharks are all that dangerous, but back then sharks hadn't been studied that thoroughly.  I think kids would like this book because they would find Eugenie's dives interesting and how she discovered three new species of fish.  

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