Henry's Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground Railroad - 8.3 stars
Henry's Freedom Box tells the amazing story of Henry "Box" Brown.  Henry was separated from his family as a child and forced to work in his master's tobacco factory.  He worked hard and when he fell in love with another slave, their masters allowed them to marry.  But then his wife and three children are taken from him and sold when her master falls into debt.  Losing his family was more than Henry could bear and so he reached out to an abolitionist who helped mail Henry in a wooden box from Richmond to Philadelphia.  Henry is stuffed in this box with few air holes and only a bit of food for 27 hours!  As a slave Henry never knew his birthday, but he considered his real birthday the day he obtained freedom.  

Suggested Age: 4-10

Finn - 9 stars.  My favorite part was when Henry mailed himself in the box all the way to a free state where there was no slavery.  And I liked how he managed to survive being upside down in his box for like 16 hours.  I think kids would like this book because Henry was really brave.  He even burned his hand with acid so he wouldn't have to go to work and could mail himself that day.

Sabine - I would give this book an 8 because I liked that Henry wanted to mail himself in a box.  And the part I didn't like was when his family got taken away from him.

Lourdes - 8 stars.  I liked that it told all about Henry's life and how he survived in that box.  What made me sad was that slaves didn't get to know their birthdays.
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