Discussion Questions for June's Book Club Selection

In The Goldfish Boy several characters weren't what they seemed at first.  Mr. Jenkins seemed so healthy and nice, but he smoked and bullied his students.  Jake came across as the typical neighborhood bully, but he was really bullied for many years and just wanted friends.  What did you take from this? 

Finn: I took from this that we shouldn't judge a book by its cover, meaning people aren't always what they seem to be on the outside.  So we should get to know them before we judge them.  

Did you ever consider Gordon and Penny suspects?  Were there clues that made you suspect them?  

Finn: Yes, there was the scribbles on the catalogue that looked like a toddler's scribbles.  Gordon also kept telling Matthew to stop investigating Teddy's disappearance.  And right before Teddy was found, Penny and Gordon announced they were going on a trip so that was suspicious.  Then of course the toddler handprint on their window at the end gave it away.  

When Penny was arrested for kidnapping Teddy, she said that his sister Casey knew she took him.  Do you believe her? 

Finn: Yes, because Casey didn't like her brother so she would enjoy not having him around.  It was probably a deal between them.  And Casey was crying when Teddy came back.  

At the end of the book, Matthew has made progress controlling his OCD.  He told his therapist and his parents why he started his obsessive cleaning.  He even made an appearance at the neighborhood barbecue.  Do you think Matthew will continue to make progress? 

Finn: Yes, he's going outside now, which is huge.   And he's starting to eat with his family.  Since his dad painted his room, he hasn't cleaned anything.  He also has made friends with Jake and Melody which will help.   

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