Circus Mirandus - 9.7 stars
Circus Mirandus by Cassie Beasley.  Okay this may be one of my new favorite children's books.  The story centers around Micah Tuttle who lives with his Grandpa Ephraim after his parents pass away.  He adores his grandpa and his wonderful stories about the time he spent with the magical Circus Mirandus.  But then Grandpa Ephraim falls terribly ill and his sister, Aunt Gertrudis, comes to help.  She's terrible to Micah and Micah is understandably distraught about what is going to happen to him.  Will Grandpa Ephraim recover or will he have to go live with Aunt Gertrudis in Arizona?  Micah then seizes on the idea that finding Circus Mirandus will be the answer to his crises.  So Micah and his new friend Jenny Mendoza set off to find the Lightbender at Circus Mirandus and secure his grandpa a miracle.  The book is magical and heart wrenching and beautifully written.  I'd probably give it a 10 if I had a vote.

Suggested age: 8-13

Lourdes - I give it a 10 because I like they tell you about when Aunt Gertrudis tried to fly.  I also like that Micah got to see Circus Mirandus.  It is one of my favorite books because it is magical and I like magic.

Sabine - I give it a 9 because I liked how they told about how Grandpa Ephraim grew up, how Aunt Gertrudis was born, and how Grandpa Ephraim and Micah built the tree house.  My favorite part was when Micah went to Circus Mirandus for the first time with Jenny.

Finnegan - I'm giving this book a 10 because I liked how it has the Head be the only one that is magical and it kind of explains the point of Circus Mirandus' purpose really well.  And I liked how they fired Victoria, because she was a terrible person.  But I don't like how Grandpa Ephraim and Victoria got married.  That was a big mistake.  My favorite part was how Micah ended up at the end.
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